Add My Dearest Bridesmaid to your Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Basket for the ultimate bridal party gratitude gift. Don’t forget to fill it out before wrapping it up to remind your dear friend just how much she means to you!

My Dearest Sister is the perfect addition to your Big-Little Gift Basket! It’s a special way for a Big to let her Little Sister know everything there is to know about your chapter. Plus, it’s a great keepsake for years to come.

The Pregnancy Primer is the sweetest gift for a new mom who has just announced her pregnancy. Because it allows expectant moms to document their prenatal journey, it’s best to gift this early on – perhaps as a celebratory congrats for the mommy-to-be.

The Teacher’s Guide to Self-Care is perfect as a stand alone gift for the teacher in your life. It also packages very sweetly into a Teacher Gift Basket for your school teacher, teacher friend or teacher spouse!

My Dearest Bridesmaid
A Heartfelt Keepsake from the Bride in your Life

Any girl that has shared special friendships and bonds knows that her wedding day means more than one proposal. The next step a bride-to-be surely thinks about after saying yes to her soulmate is how she is going to propose to her soul sisters in the same meaningful and memorable way. My Dearest Bridesmaid is a sentimental and playful interactive journal; an offering of friendship and the perfect invitation as a bride asks her dearest friends and family members to help her down the aisle. Inside this heartfelt keepsake, you’ll discover:

  • The colorful history of bridesmaids
  • Bridal party dos and don’ts
  • Ceremonial superstitions
  • Quizzes and coupons from the bride-to-be
  • Pages to paste in your own keepsakes
  • And more!

Heartfelt anecdotes and words of wisdom are scattered throughout this special gift to make My Dearest Bridesmaid a treasured keepsake and token of gratitude for a bride’s special friends. Look no further for a funny, sophisticated, and sentimental way to celebrate the spirit of being invited into a wedding party.

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My Dearest Sister
A Heartfelt Guide to the Love, Friendship and Lifelong Bonds of Sorority Life

Satisfy the expectations of sorority newbies and legacies alike by showcasing what makes each chapter special. My Dearest Sister is a sweet and funny interactive journal and a genuine reflection of what real sorority life is all about. Fit for any present, past, or future sorority girl, this cute keepsake honors the spirit, community, and chapter secrets of sororities while leaving room for girls to capture all of their own special memories and traditions in one book for years to come. Inside this heartfelt guide, you’ll discover:

  • The colorful history and tradition surrounding Greek life
  • Sorority houses, songs, handshakes, and secrets
  • A personalized guide to crafting and party planning
  • Alumni chapters
  • Stickers and journal pages to customize your own sorority experience
  • And more!

Any sorority girl who’s ever craved a time capsule to keep her friendships everlasting and fresh should look no further; My Dearest Sister is the token gift that celebrates womanhood and seals the bonds of sisterhood for life.

The Pregnancy Primer
The Expectant Mother’s Guide to All 9 Months

The relationship a mother develops with her baby begins long before hearing that first cry in the delivery room.

There are the emotions! The questions! The cravings! Beginning with that very first ultrasound through every enjoyable (or not so enjoyable) moment leading up to the delivery date, The Pregnancy Primer is a sentimental yet playful interactive journal for the mommy-to-be in your life, a lasting offering of the bonds formed between a mother and her child during pregnancy, and a genuine reflection of what anticipating parenthood is all about.

Inside this sweet memento you’ll find:

  • Journaling pages for mommy-to-be to document the ups and downs of pregnancy
  • Planning tips for the baby including must-haves for the nursery
  • Photo inserts for ultrasounds and the evolution of pregnancy through the birth of the child
  • Advice on nutrition, mental health, preparing for delivery, and so much more!

An ideal gift for any new mother, The Pregnancy Primer honors the blessings and beauty of having a baby and keeps those proud, pregnant memories kicking with love for years to come.

Check out how to use The Pregnancy Primer as a featured gift in your Mommy-to-Be Gift Basket.

The Teacher’s Guide to Self-Care
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Thriving Through the School Year

An inspirational memento for the teacher in your life, with quotes, anecdotes, and advice from real educators about teaching philosophies, trends, and so much more!

Teachers run on adrenaline, good vibes, and big dreams. They’re often so busy helping our little ones that they forget about the little things they need to be happy on their own time. From simple drink recipes to humorous anecdotes about pop culture and the history of education, The Teacher’s Guide to Self-Care is the perfect cheat sheet for maintaining sanity, looking smart, and feeling fabulous throughout the dog days of the school year.

Topics include:

  • Past, present, and future teaching trends
  • Creative ideas for decorating your classroom
  • Teacher lingo
  • How to manage your free time beyond the classroom
  • And so much more!

Every teacher who sheds a tear on the last day of summer can share a smile on the first day of school with a confidence-boosting, adorable guidebook that reminds them they aren’t alone.

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