Mommy-To-Be Gift Basket

The relationship a mother develops with her baby begins long before hearing that first cry in the delivery room. A mommy-to-be begins bonding with her baby from the moment she learns she is pregnant. Pregnancy is a different journey for every woman, but one thing is for sure – a baby bump is a blessing. Watching that bump grow from a flat belly to a fully blown watermelon is a pretty incredible transition for new moms to feel and experience.

Some women don’t mind being pregnant, others tough through it. Either way, many are surprised that once their bundle of joy is born, they miss their big belly. We get used to carrying around that cargo, and adapt pretty quickly to our changing size as we get large and in charge!

Pregnancy is one of the most joyful times, but it can also be very challenging. There’s morning sickness and other humps along the way. LOL. More humps. Anyway. Whether you are a best friend, a husband, a partner, a grandparent, a colleague or a thoughtful neighbor, you might want to send your love, best wishes and congratulations to the new mom in a special way. After all, it’s a lot of work to be pregnant, and mommies-to-be don’t always know what to expect. While we are excited to learn we are expecting, with that excitement comes stress, anxiety and a lot of work ahead.

Putting together a sweet and meaningful gift basket for the mommy-to-be is a great way to give her the confidence to know that she is surrounded by love and support.

This personalized gift book is a sweet keepsake for a mommy-to-be and her future son or daughter as it provides prompted journal pages for the expectant mom to complete.

Alongside the ability to personalize the book, there are informative details every new mom won’t want to miss, like old wives’ tales, gender predictions and labor playlist recommendations.

Here is what you will need to create your Mommy-to-Be Gift Basket:

15 Item Ideas to Fill your Mommy-to-Be Basket

1. A Sweet Pregnancy Journal.

The mommy-to-be can document her pregnancy journey, read about baby stuff, and create a cute keepsake.

2. Pre-Natal Vitamins.

The new mom needs these, and having an extra bottle around will come in handy when she runs out.

3. Maternity Shirt or Leggings.

There’s going to come a point in her pregnancy when the mommy-to-be outgrows her skinny jeans.

4. Cute Motherhood Mug Filled with Caffeine Free Herbal Tea.

If the new mom has to cut back on her caffeine, providing her with options and a cute mug is a good start.

5. Ginger drops.

Help the mommy-to-be crush that first trimester.

6. Cozy Socks.

Everyone loves being cozy, but especially expectant moms, and especially as they get bigger.

7. Sonogram Picture Frame.

Help the new mom decorate her nursery with a memorable keepsake.

8. Stretch Mark Cream.

Most expectant moms are slightly concerned about their changing body. This will help ease their worries.

9. Box or Bag of Chocolates.

Because, duh, chocolate helps everything.

10. Jar of Pickles.

Because ice cream would melt. Make it cute by adding your own label to the side of the jar.

11. Sleep Mask.

Everyone tells expectant moms to “get their sleep now.” Really, they should, because once that baby is born, sleep will never be the same.

12. Graphic Tee or matching Mommy & Me Shirts.

Give the mommy-to-be something adorable to wear.

13. Candle.

Pregnant ladies deserve to relax – it’s good for their own well being, and the baby’s. This may also help hide their flatulence – hehe!

14. Water Bottle.

Hydration is important for expectant moms – there’s no reason they can’t look good while drinking up!

15. Sparkling Apple Cider or Grape Juice.

Speaking of drinking, since mama has to cut out the wine – sparkling apple cider is a fine substitute.

Remember - There's no need to go overboard. It's the thought that counts. Simple and sweet works great too! 

Where to Shop

Tip: Don't forget to keep an eye out for sale and clearance items to use as basket fillers! 
  • Michaels
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Marshalls
  • Buy Buy Baby
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Dollar Store
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Motherhood Maternity
  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Kohls
  • Home Goods
  • T. J. Maxx
  • Macys