Thank-a-Teacher Gift Basket

Teachers have always played an integral role in their students’ lives, but the craziness surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has shined a spotlight on just how much teachers really do everyday to engage, protect and care for children. If there ever was a time to thank a teacher, it’s after a year of mask wearing, zoom calling and hybrid learning. Teachers do more than educate students on academic subjects. Good teachers prepare children for the real world and provide them with comfort, support and mentorship throughout the school day.

Teaching is a rewarding career, but it isn’t an easy job and it can sometimes feel frustrating, difficult and even thankless. Teachers often want to help everyone, and they can become discouraged if they feel they haven’t made a meaningful connection. Reminding a teacher that they are appreciated can reignite their passion for pursuing a profession of service and inspire their work moving forward. Putting together a sweet and meaningful gift basket for a teacher is a thoughtful way to express gratitude and show that you recognize their efforts, hard work and heartfelt dedication.

Whether you would like to celebrate a teacher at the end of a school year, or help them perk up at the end of the summer as they approach a new school year, a gift basket is a wonderful way to say, Thanks Teach, or YOU GOT THIS.

Teachers run on adrenaline, good vibes, and big dreams. They’re often so busy helping our little ones that they forget about the little things they need to be happy on their own time. 

From simple drink recipes to humorous anecdotes about pop culture and the history of education, The Teacher’s Guide to Self-Care is the perfect cheat sheet for maintaining sanity, looking smart, and feeling fabulous throughout the dog days of the school year. It’s also a great base gift for a teacher gift basket.

Here is what you will need to create your Thank-a-Teacher Gift Basket:

  • A functional container (basket, bin, crate, box, tote) to arrange all of your mini gifts in one collective place. You’ll want something big enough to house everything you want to gift, but not so big that you are unable to make the basket feel full or complete. You can also get a set of baskets that you stack into each other, and fill the top basket with your smaller items.
  • An anchor gift to build from, such as The Teacher’s Guide to Self-Care.
  • Cellophane Wrap or Large Gift Basket Bag
  • Ribbon

15 Item Ideas to Fill your Thank-a-Teacher Basket

1. A Thoughtful Gift Book

It’s nice to remind teachers to take care of themselves. A self-care book like this shows a teacher that you know how hard they work.

2. A colorful set of cute pens or pencils.

Teachers love anything bright, colorful and fun.

3. An inspirational calendar.

Teachers can’t always be the ones inspiring others. Sometimes, they need a little support to fight their own battles with the blues, too.

4. A bright mini-stapler, and of course, staples to go with it.

Teachers never know when they might need to staple something on the go.

5. Post-it notes or a cute little notebook.

Teachers are often thinking about and planning 100 different things at once – while teaching, while driving, while drinking coffee. A pocket notebook or place to jot down random ideas is ever important to creative teachers!

6. A pencil case.

Students aren’t the only ones who need to go back-to-school shopping. Most teachers love stocking up on school supplies, especially cute ones.

7. A flowery water bottle (Or for something more masculine – a Sports Themed Bottle)

Hydration is ever important to someone who talks as much as a teacher.

8. Chocolate or candy.

This helps a teacher get through 10,000 hours of lesson planning, especially when those baby carrots and hummus just aren’t cutting it.

9. A cute lanyard.

Teachers might be masters of multitasking, but sometimes, they need a little help finding and holding onto their keys!

10. A gift card for coffee.

Okay, teachers aren’t robots, they are human. All of the more reason that teachers require caffeine to keep their batteries charged.

11. Paper clips and other office staples.

If it’s colorful – a teacher needs it.

12. A sentimental coffee mug filled with tea or mints.

It doesn’t really matter who the gift recipient is, you can’t go wrong with a coffee mug. Breath mints couldn’t hurt, either, because of all of the coffee 🙂

13. A package of dry erase markers.

Teachers hoard their dry erase markers like they are some kind of magic tool on the brink of extinction. That’s because, somehow, by the end of the school year, every dry erase marker ever known to man has likely disappeared.

14. A scented candle or essential oil spray.

Teachers put up with stinky classroom smells 10 months out of the year. Let’s give them something aromatic that they can enjoy at home (or spray their classroom with).

15. A blanket scarf, light blanket or mini hand fan.

No matter the season, a teacher might be battling the cold of poor heating ducts or over-zealous air conditioning. It’s hard to say why a classroom always feels like one type of extreme, but a small gift like a scarf or fan can go a long way for a teacher having to deal with it.

In addition to any of these former ideas, something homemade or a small token gift that reflects a special interest of the teacher in mind would be a great add-in. Is the gift recipient a sports fan? Did they mention a particular interest in film, or cooking?

You could also create a themed basket featuring The Teacher’s Guide to Self-Care and a focused set of other small gifts.

Example #1 – The Movie Buff:

Perfect for a mid-year gift, right before winter break.

Use a Popcorn Bowl as your basket. Then, include:

Example #2: The Beach Goer

Perfect for an end-of-the-year gift, right before summer break.

Use a Beach Bag as your basket. Then, include:

Example #3: The Easy Beach Goer

Perfect for an end-of-the-year gift, right before summer break.

Use a Beach Towel as your basket. Then, include:

Fold the towel and use it as your base. Place the book on top. Add flip flops, sun screen or any other small item you’d like, . Wrap it up with cellophane and tie with ribbon.

Remember - There's no need to go overboard. It's the thought that counts. Simple and sweet works great too! 

Where to Shop

Tip: Don't forget to keep an eye out for sale and clearance items to use as basket fillers! 
  • Michaels
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Marshalls
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Dollar Store
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Motherhood Maternity
  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Kohls
  • Home Goods
  • T. J. Maxx