Sorority Sister Gift Basket

There’s something incredibly special about joining a sorority in college. Is there drama? Sure – but every good family has good drama to back it up.

It’s okay if you don’t like every single girl in your sorority. In fact, that’s pretty normal. Think about it. Do you like everyone in your extended family? You love them, because they are family, but you don’t necessarily like them. Being in a sorority goes beyond superficial stuff. There’s a connection to something bigger – something historic – like a family tree. This history gives you roots to your school, and keeps you tied to something special long after you graduate.

When you are in college, you might not think much about your chapter’s alumni. You might scoff at the old chicks who swing by your sorority house every homecoming game and think, Gosh. That will never be me at twenty-six. Heck. You think twenty-six is old! Preach girlfriend – I was there. But, here’s the thing about life. Twenty-six comes up on you quick. Then, so does thirty. Age keeps coming – faster – and faster. You are twenty-one going on twenty-nine, and once you hit twenty-nine, that’s when you decide to pull your birthday year from your social media profiles so that you can keep pretending you are still twenty-nine.

You want to know what keeps you young? Your friends. Friends who shared experiences with you when you were both coming-of-age and experiencing life at full speed. It’s not to say that your life didn’t have responsibilities then, but, it was exciting because you had the time to imagine what your life could be after college. You were dreamers, supporters and each other’s biggest fans.

Every sorority girl knows that the big-little selection process is a huge part of sorority life. That family tree I mentioned earlier is the real deal, and choosing your big (or little) means finding a special connection within your sorority. Instead of scrambling to figure out how to craft or what to gift your big (or little), think about creating a unique gift basket filled with thoughtful gifts that last. Something purposeful and meaningful – not just some random collection of wooden objects with letters on them.

When you and your sister become old, your big (or little) might come across her big-little gifts and recall how awesome you were for doing something different. While everyone is still painting their paddles, you can kick back on your back deck and paint your toenails because you worked smarter, not harder. And – a gift basket is super cute, and thoughtful! So, it’s not like you are cutting anyone short of their sweet big-little gift. In fact, you might become the best gift-giver yet.

My Dearest Sister is a sweet and funny interactive journal and a genuine reflection of what real sorority life is all about. Fit for any present, past, or future sorority girl, this cute keepsake honors the spirit, community, and chapter secrets of sororities while leaving room for girls to capture all of their own special memories and traditions in one book for years to come. It’s the perfect addition to a big-little gift basket, or really, any gift basket for a sorority girl! This includes birthday celebrations, bid day and just because!

Here is what you will need to create your Sorority-Sister Gift Basket:

  • A functional container (basket, bin, crate, box, tote) to arrange all of your mini gifts in one collective place. You’ll want something big enough to house everything you want to gift, but not so big that you are unable to make the basket feel full or complete. Think about purchasing a basket that reflects your sorority color scheme, or a neutral basket with colored tissue paper inside as filler.
  • An anchor gift to build from, such as My Dearest Sister.
  • Cellophane Wrap or Large Gift Basket Bag
  • Ribbon in your sorority colors

1. A Thoughtful Gift Book

15 Item Ideas to Fill your Sorority Sister Basket

It’s not easy remembering every piece of sorority information. With this book, sorority girls can capture what makes their own chapter special while learning about the traditions of other sororities that might be on campus.

2. A colorful set of cute pens or pencils.

Sorority girls need something adorable to take notes with when they go to class. It’s nice to type on a laptop or tablet, but writing things down helps you remember things a little more clearly. I think there was a study on that, somewhere. Anyway – it always worked for me 🙂

3. A cute t-shirt with your letters or an adorable set of family tees.

Not every shirt has to be bright and bold. Something vintage and sweet has a softer effect.

4. A heart-shaped pair of sunglasses.

Can you find a pair in your sorority colors? Wouldn’t that be adorable?!

5. A personalized tumbler.

Sorority girls know a thing or two about hydration, and a girl needs to be on her game when she’s walking to class (or across a sandy beach).

6. An inspirational coffee mug.

Sorority girls run on fun – and caffeine. We can’t be perky all by ourselves, and we aren’t all morning people. A mug with a sweet message on it will remind us to get up in the morning and maybe get to class on time.

7. An inspirational or motivational picture frame

In lieu of a picture frame with letters, or “big little,” and sorority specific, think about getting something a little more universal. Something that is empowering to women or your friendship, but something that will last. A thirty-year old woman might keep her old, bright pink and lettered sorority frames in a box in the basement, but she might still be able to find a place for an inspirational frame in her adult home. Every time she looks at that frame, she will think of you. It’s a more lasting gift – and every single big-little gift doesn’t have to have your letters on it. If you are concerned about that, write a note and tuck it behind a picture in the frame, or, inscribe something on the back of the frame.

8. Big-Little Sister Friendship Bracelets or Letter Bracelets.

A small and sweet reminder of your sisterhood.

9. A personalized sweatshirt for those chilly campus nights.

Every girl needs a cozy sweatshirt – it may as well be cute!

10. A sorority ring dish.

Cute for college, and a sweet keepsake for long after.

11. A makeup bag.

Beauty comes from within, but there’s nothing wrong with painting that face once in a while. If you are feeling generous, put a few things in the bag – like lip balm, mascara, or an eye shadow palette.

12. A beach towel with your letters.

There’s no better time than summer to show off your sorority girl pride, but a gift like this is one a girl will use long after she graduates. Can’t go wrong with a beach towel.

13. Big-little sleep masks.

You can still be twinning, even if you don’t live in the same sorority house.

14. An adorable monogram umbrella.

It’s practical and it’s cute! Plus, it’s cute and discreet enough to be used after graduation.

15. A personalized candle

Attach a note that tells your big or little to make sure she takes time to herself to relax. Being in a sorority is exciting, entertaining and so much fun – but it can also be exhausting! College in general can be overwhelming. It’s important to take time out for yourself to recharge.

In addition to any of these former ideas, any small items that reflect your college, your sister’s interests, or your sorority colors are optional add-ins. You could also create a themed basket featuring My Dearest Sister and a focused set of other small gifts. For example, what’s your sister’s major? If she’s majoring in English, include a set of pens or stationary. Is she artistic? An adult coloring book or set of colored pencils would be cute. Math major – a calculator or math-themed graphic tee. Pre-Law? A copy of Legally Blonde. You get the idea.

Smaller Themed Basket Samples:

Example #1 – The Netflix Nerd

Use a Popcorn Bowl as your basket. You can personalize it with your sorority or college.

Then, include:

Example #2: The Beach Bunny

Use a Beach Bag as your basket. Then, include:

Example #3: The Yogi

Use a Yoga Towel as your basket. Then, include:

Fold the towel and use it as your base. Place the book on top. Add yoga blocks, a yoga strap or water bottle – anything you’d like. Wrap it up with cellophane and tie with ribbon.

Remember - There's no need to go overboard. It's the thought that counts. Simple and sweet works great too! 

Where to Shop

Tip: Don't forget to keep an eye out for sale and clearance items to use as basket fillers! 
  • Michaels
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Marshalls
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Dollar Store
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Motherhood Maternity
  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Kohls
  • Home Goods
  • T. J. Maxx